What do you need?:

  • Someone to talk with about ministry?
  • Mentoring?  Discipleship?
  • Accountability? Stewardship?
  • Help? Ideas? Sounding Board?
  • Into pornography and can't get out?
  • What should I do, who should I talk to?
  • Sr. Pastor does not seem to care for you?
  • You are  a  babysitter for the church?
  • You are not having a QT or into prayer?

One Passion partners with you to deal with YOUR problems whatever they are and to help you transform you and your teens into a generation passionate for Jesus Christ.

By working with you to help you in any aspect of ministry from training to providing experienced youth ministry professionals for your community, we free your time and energy so you can focus on your most important priority as a youth leader...building effective relationships that change lives that begin with you!

This is much more than just another ministry model that sketches out what you can do all alone. One Passion  works alongside you to make sure your local youth ministry is a greater success.

How can One Passion help you?  Give us a call or e-mail...

279 Cougar Trails E.

It is my firm belief that 90% of all ministries in America today are geared toward helping and supporting the full time professional youth pastor!  While that is not inherently wrong and actually is a good thing.  It only touches a small per centage of churches and youth.  One Passion is about helping any youth leader in any community


Our desire is to help you have an effective youth ministry that is building relevant relationships.  How do you do that?  Give us a call or e-mail...

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"One Passion, under the servant leadership of Mike Leidecker, focus exclusively on the needs of rural communities. This ministry has my complete respect and support as itactively trains youth leaders who serve in these overlooked locations.My confidence level is very high in the substance of the ministry it provides."


Dr. Barry St. Clair

Reach Out Youth Solutions


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